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4 of the Most Common Reasons Behind a Roof Leak in Plymouth Michigan

4 of the Most Common Reasons Behind a Roof Leak in Plymouth Michigan

As your roof gets older it can be more easily damaged. This is because the roofing shingles start to break down and lose their rigidity and structural integrity. While this process can certainly mean you’ll need to get a new roof it usually doesn’t happen until well after the warranty period which can be as much as 40 years. There are other reasons why your roof may fail however which we’ll cover in this post. Although a roof leak can occur at any time when the right conditions are present, there are ways you can protect your roof and it usually starts with an inspection from a qualified roofing contractor in Plymouth Michigan.

4 of the Most Common Reasons Behind a Roof Leak in Plymouth Michigan

While the roofing products of today are designed to last for many years they certainly don’t last forever. In fact, many of the roofing materials sold today have a lifespan of about 15 to 35 years depending on the warranty and quality of the roofing shingles. Roofing warranties of today can be as much as 50 years or more however roofing warranties and materials designed for just a few decades ago weren’t created like this and those that had longer, better warranties were extremely expensive. Most roofing solutions from a few decades ago only lasted a few decades. in fact most of the roofing installed even today has a lifespan of only about 25 years maximum. If your home’s roof is older than 15 years old the roof leaks maybe because of the roofing material starting to break down and show their age. When the roof is leaking because of aging materials on the roof it’s likely that you’ll need a completely new roof installed.

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Debris on the roof

During the fall and spring of the year one of the main concerns for the roof on your home should be debris collecting on the roof. This is especially true during the fall when leaves are falling from trees. Falling leaves and other debris start to collect on the roof it can start to basically dam the water and cause water to remain on your roof when it shouldn’t be there. This moisture can do all sorts of damage including cause discoloration of the roof and premature roof wear. The water may also back up underneath the roofing materials and become a roof leak. Always ensure that debris on your roof is removed quickly and that your gutters are clear.

Clogged gutters on your home

As I mentioned above debris can cause all sorts of damage on the roof, but we can start to collect on the roof is from clogged gutters. A clogged gutter system leads to all sorts of problems in any type of weather. It’s bad during the fall and spring of the year because it can mean that debris will start to collect on the roof. It’s also problematic during Colder Weather because it may allow the formation of roof ice dams on your home. Keeping your gutters free and clear is crucial to maintaining your roof And preventing roof leaks from occurring on your home.

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Install the correct Roofing Materials

There are many roofing material choices today when it comes to today’s roof however it’s important to choose the material designed for the pitch of your home. If your home has a low-pitched roof with asphalt shingles installed It’s usually the best idea to replace that roof with the same types of materials. Asphalt roofing is usually installed on roof with a pitch of at least 2 on 12 pitch. Anything less than that and it’s likely you’ll need either metal roofing or some other flat roofing material. Talk with your roofing contractor about the roofing choices available to you and what may be a good fit for your Plymouth Michigan home.

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