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5 Things That Affect Roof Repair Costs in Downriver Michigan

Roof Repair in Downriver MI

If you’re a homeowner, you most likely know that roof repair costs can be pricey. Often, the potential cost of a roof repair in Downriver Michigan is what drives homeowners to attempt to fix their roofs by themselves. Unfortunately, DIYing your roof repair usually ends up being more expensive than hiring an expert roofer to do it because you have to purchase the necessary equipment and materials. Additionally, the average homeowner usually doesn’t have the necessary training or skills to repair a roof, which causes them to end up hiring a roofer to fix their roof after their DIY attempt.

5 Things That Affect Roof Repair Costs in Downriver Michigan

You shouldn’t let the potential cost of a roof repair in Downriver Michigan scare you away from hiring a roofing contractor. That being said, we’ve created a list of the top five things that affect the cost of roof repairs, so homeowners can understand that repair estimates are dependent on a variety of factors and are often cheaper than expected. You should also check the warranty on your home’s roof as the warranty can help to reduce or even eliminate any costs in some cases. Check the warranty of your roof first, then call a roofer for roof repairs.

5 Things That Affect Roof Repair Costs in Downriver Michigan

Roof Design

The roof design is one of the leading factors that affect roof repair costs. Roof design includes everything from the type of pitch your roof has, to the material used to build your roof, and whether your roof has shingles or tiles. That being said, some roof designs need more materials than others, which also means more labor is needed. In this case, a roof repair will be more expensive. Luckily, if you have a standard low pitch roof with shingles, your roof repair will be moderately priced.

Size of the Roof

Roofers usually utilize a standard 10-foot square area as a way to measure the square footage of a roof. With this calculation, a roofing contractor will come up with a price per square footage, which will ultimately determine your roof repair costs.

Regardless of how small your roof damage is, you should expect to pay at least a little bit for materials. Yes, that means you will have to pay for at least one square footage of shingles even if the damage is less than the standard 10 feet. This is because some materials, such as shingles are sold by the square standard. Luckily, some roof contractors allow you to keep leftover shingles. So, in the event you need another repair in the future, at least you will have leftover materials to use.

Permits for the Project

Most homeowners are unaware that permits are required to complete a roof repair. Of course, the cost of a permit is dependent on a variety of factors, such as how much a home is worth, the size of a home, and the overall damage that needs to be fixed. Ultimately, the cost of your permit will depend on where you live.

Additional Features

Additional features, such as chimneys and skylights, also play an important role in roof repair costs. Unfortunately, additional features usually increase the cost of a roof repair because damage may have impacted these elements. Additionally, working around chimneys and skylights is generally more difficult than repairing a flat or standard pitched roof because a roofing contractor has to ensure these elements remain in top-notch condition and are not impacted by damage or construction.


Lastly, the extent of damage largely affects roof repair costs. For example, a roof repair that is replacing a few shingles will be significantly cheaper than a roof repair where there is significant water damage. It should be noted that if you suspect water damage, make sure you have your roofing contractor inspect the state of your home and roof before moving forward with a standard roof repair because it might be more cost and time-efficient to just replace your entire roof instead of repairing it.

When you need roof repair on your Downriver Michigan home it’s also important to only use a qualified roofing contractor. Hiring a licensed and insured roofing contractor means the project will be done correctly and according to manufacturer specifications. Call Downriver Roofers today for roofing services including roof repair in Downriver Michigan at 734-548-9919.