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Common Roofing Problems in Troy Michigan You Need To Watch Out For

Common Roofing Problems in Troy Michigan You Need To Watch Out For

There’s nothing fun about finding a problem with your roof, it can certainly be a stressful headache to any owner. However, finding problems early on before severe damage is done can be a great feeling knowing you caught it before it became way worse. There’s plenty of problems you can look for when it comes to a roof, warning signs can be anywhere but you’ll never know if it’s an actual problem or not if you aren’t knowledgeable about what exactly you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve put together some common problems you’ll want to look out for when it comes to your roofing in Troy Michigan.

Common Roofing Problems in Troy Michigan You Need To Watch Out For

Problems can definitely show on the top of your commercial roof, however you can also find problems under your roof inside of the building. Many problems go through your commercial roofs foundation and reach your ceiling, so don’t forget to check inside as well. Many inside problems are typically there for a while, so getting them repaired quickly can ensure safety among people who walk under your commercial roof.

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Dark Stains On Your Ceiling

If you walk inside of your building and look up at the ceiling, do you see any type of dark stains or streaks? This is usually due to a roof leakage, water has seeped into your roof and caused dark stains on your ceilings, which means the leak has probably been there for awhile. Hiring a professional roofing company to come and fix this quickly is highly recommended as you don’t know how much damage the water has already done. This shouldn’t be mistaken with clearer water stains however, these are typically due to pipe leaks and not a roof leak. Water from the outside is typically brown and can smell bad.

Roof Leak You Can See

If your area has been raining and you can see a leak in your roof, this should be addressed quickly. This can cause a lot of problems and liability issues if someone slips or falls in the water. The best course of action is to take a bucket to catch the water and contact a local professional roofing company to come out and fix the problem, this can turn bad quickly so the quicker it’s fixed, the quicker the damage is stopped from furthering.

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Improper Installation

This can be a common issue for many commercial roofs, if you have had your commercial roof recently installed or even a repair done, and problem after problem keeps occurring then chances are the installation wasn’t done properly. This can lead to major problems to your roof that keep coming back, leaving you to have plenty of repairs done and they can certainly get expensive.

Neglecting Maintenance

One of the most common problems to owning a commercial roof is neglecting your roofs maintenance. Roofs need proper and regular maintenance to stay in great shape to continue protecting your building from the horrible weathers, if maintenance is neglected, your commercial roof will suffer plenty of problems as time goes on. Neglecting maintenance for your commercial roof will also shorten its lifespan drastically, leaving you to replace the roof much sooner than expected.

Lack Of Roof Inspections

Roof inspections tie up with roof maintenance, regular roof inspections should be done to find issues before they find you. Keeping up with a schedule to do regular inspections for your roof is a great way to ensure your roof is functioning properly and not suffering from any problems or damages that haven’t been seen. Hiring a professional roofing contractor to do a thorough roof inspection for your commercial roof can also be very beneficial as they can find problems and issues on your commercial roof that you may not think is a problem. They’ve got the experience to look thoroughly and know what your commercial roof is going through.

No one likes problems occurring on their roof, however it’s something that can and will happen. But taking the right precautions will prevent many of the issues that could potentially happen, not happen. Keeping up with regular inspections and roof maintenance will grant you the security that your roof is up and running how it should be, protecting your building from plenty of dangers that could harm it. Call Troy Roofing Pros today at (248) 509-8015 for a roof inspection on your home or commercial building and get a free quote on repairs or replacement.