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Don’t Let a Roof Leak in Plymouth Michigan Cause Even More Damage to Your Home

Don't Let a Roof Leak in Plymouth Michigan Cause Even More Damage to Your Home

Having a roof leak on your home may seem like a simple problem that can be remedied easily but it can be much more than that. The biggest problem with any type of roof leak is when the home owner delays getting repairs done. As the roof leaks more and more it can cause all sorts of problems not just with the roof of the home but it can even start to allow mold to grow in your home which can be unhealthy. Getting roof repairs in Plymouth Michigan as soon as you notice there is a problem is a must to prevent these additional damages and problems.

Don’t Let a Roof Leak in Plymouth Michigan Cause Even More Damage to Your Home

Roof leaks can turn your home into a disaster area. You might be noticed areas where interior paint is bubbling, or discoloration and peeling of wallpaper or paint, most often, this is due to a leaky roof. Roof leaks can cause all sorts of problems. It can affect your health, deteriorate your home’s interiors, and cause mold. You want to be sure that you are getting it fixed correctly and there are no underlying problems that could potentially cause more leaks. The longer you wait the more damage is being done and the more costly it is to get it looked at.

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This list of the most common causes of roof leaks will give you some clues as to where your leak is:

* Skylights Were Improperly Installed – Over the years, your skylight may experience some experience with its flashing. If this happens, water can get underneath and cause leaks in your building. These kinds of problems can be pretty dangerous and should be repaired if they’re noticed right away.
* Cracked Chimney – The cause of leaky roof is always due to water making its way to the wood framing inside the chimney. The only way for water to find its way into your chimney is through the roof. If there are any cracks or fissures in the roof, water can get in and seep into the mortar joints over time. This is why you should inspect the roof regularly for any signs of damage.
* Broken Shingles – Shingles are the exterior layer of a roof and they come in different colors and styles. If some shingles look different than others, or you spot them lying in your yard after a storm, it might be time to get new ones.
* Valleys Aren’t Properly Sealed – Roof leaks are usually found along the valleys where two planes of roof come together. Since these areas of the roof are usually sloped, if the valleys are not sealed properly, rainwater can run down the roof into your house.
* Vent Booting is Cracked – When water leaks from the vent pipes, the moisture leaves dark streaks in the roof. This can be a problem when trying to sell the house since it is often a sign that the roof needs replacing. Even if a roof hasn’t been replaced recently, this problem can still develop when flashing breaks or deteriorates over time.
* Ice Dam Build-up – The more snow you get, the lower the edge of your roof gets buried, making it even easier for the ice to build up. On rainy days, this water will be trapped by the ice and can cause serious damage to your roof.

A leak can be a very concerning problem. It is a symbol of a hidden issue that, if left alone, could hurt your home. A small leak on your roof can turn into a larger problem over time, resulting in further damage to your home and the need for a complete roof replacement. To ensure your home is protected from further structural damage, it is important to have a regular inspection of your roof by a professional roof contractor.

If you notice a problem on your home’s roof be sure to call the professional roofers at Home Pros Plymouth. They offer all types of roofing services and they can even offer financing for your new roof. Call Home Pros Plymouth today to learn more and get a free estimate and more details on your roofing needs in Plymouth Michigan.