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Emergency Winter Roofers in Dearborn, MI: Emergency Roofing Services

Emergency Winter Roofers in Dearborn, MI: Emergency Roofing Services

Emergency roofing services are an essential part of a safe community. The roof of each home keeps the entire structure and family safe from the elements, both hot sunlight and poor weather. Roof damage at any time of year can be disastrous and must be fixed immediately before the family can safely live in the house again. This is why open communication channels and ASAP service booking are important year-round.

In the winter, emergency roofing services are even more important. A roof damaged by storm winds or a falling tree branch can expose the family to deadly cold and the home to heavy pounds of snow and water damage. This is why we believe every Dearborn, MI homeowner should know about emergency roofing services.

Roofers in Dearborn, MI understand just how important an integral roof is when the snow is falling and the annual blizzards blow through. This is why we provide a full gamut of emergency winter roofing services and will do everything we can to get your roof back in top condition ASAP in any Dearborn roof emergency.

Let’s explore the many types of emergency roofing services available to you.

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Post-Storm Inspection and Repairs

Every storm that blows through has the potential to do damage to your roof. Some homeowners make a habit of calling for post-storm inspections just-in-case after every major storm. Many homeowners will call for an inspection after a particularly bad storm, or after a storm has done audible or visible damage to the roof.

If your roof has recently withstood an autumn or winter storm, roofers in Dearborn, MI offer post-storm inspection and repair services so you’re ready when the next one blows through.

– Post-Storm Winter Roof Inspections

Winter storms can be serious. If the last storm put your roof through its paces or you have noticed specific signs or sounds that concern you, don’t hesitate to call for a post-storm roof inspection. Dearborn roofers are happy to help you avoid future roof troubles by identifying any storm-caused damage immediately.

– Assess and Prioritize Repairs

After the inspection, your roofer will give you a report of any damage and talk about prioritized repairs. Slight wear-and-tear may not require immediate repair while missing shingles or impact damage should be fixed promptly.

– Secure Before the Next Storm

Your post-storm repairs can be scheduled ASAP, as soon as clear weather allows, so that your roof is in good condition before the next storm occurs.

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Emergency Shingle Replacement

Single replacement is the most common type of roof repair and may be necessary year-round. Shingles are meant to be the somewhat disposable shields that protect the roof. Individual shingles take damage from wind, hail, animals, and tree branches so that your roof structure doesn’t have to. Light shingle damage is survivable but shingle damage visible from a distance or in a large section will need to be repaired.

Shingle replacement can quickly patch a drafty roof, close a leak, and repair a weak spot. The only difference is winter roof protocols and the need for a special winter shingle adhesive, as the normal formula does not work in freezing temperatures.

– Storm-Blown Missing Shingles

The most likely reason for shingle replacement is wind damage. High-speed winds in Michigan blizzards can sheer off many shingles in a single storm. These missing shingles create the possibility of leaks, drafts, and make other nearby shingles more vulnerable. If your shingles have been blown off in a storm, call for emergency roof repairs to have them quickly replaced and your roof made whole again.

– Hail damaged shingles

Hail is more problematic in the long-term. Each hail storm softens up your shingles with round pock-mark bruises. The hail knocks off UV-reistant granules and in one storm, can slowly pulverize shingles. Extensively damaged shingles may need to be replaced in patches across a hail-marked Dearborn roof.

Ice Removal and Prevention

Ice is one of the most subtle and dangerous risks to your Michigan home’s roof in the winter. Icicles may look pretty hanging over the gutters and eaves, but they become heavy. Worse, ice dams for pools when they melt that can do penetrative moisture damage and weight damage over time. Ice dams and icicles can pull your gutters from the eaves and contribute to water damage as they melt. They can also cause snow to build up by preventing snow from sliding off the edges of your roof, creating more trapped moisture and weight.

Whether your roof has already been damaged by ice or you are seeing the signs that prevention is necessary, ice services are always available during the winter from Dearborn, MI roofing contractors.

– Emergency Ice Dam Removal and Roof Cleaning

Ice building up on your roof can be dangerous on a number of levels. If too much is allowed to build up, it can break your eaves or worse. This is why ice dam removal and roof cleaning services are available in the winter.

– Ice Prevention Installations

Ice prevention is an important part of roof maintenance. Sturdy and winter-ready gutters can help prevent iceicles while proper ventilation and certain roof heating solutions can prevent ice dams along the slopes and joins in your roof.

– Gutter

Ice often damages a home’s gutters, especially if the gutters were not secured or designed to withstand the winter. Gutter damage can lead to damage to your eaves. If either have occurred, emergency roofing services include repair and replacement of ice-damaged gutters.

Winter Attic Maintenance Services

Your attic is an important part of the roof structure, and is also the safest area to maintain in the winter. You can tell a lot about your roof from the attic, and your Dearborn roofers can tell you even more. By inspecting the beams, underlayment and deck boards, and the insulation, they can tell you how snow and ice will behave on the roof.

Leaks and drafts can be detected and then repaired from the attic and ventilation can be improved to encourage melt-off instead of build-up.

– Attic Inspection and Reinforcement

Have your attic inspected at any time of year to identify any indoor indications of roof damage or maintenance needs. Signs of moisture or mold or rot can all show that your roof may have some trouble with leaks through the top. Signs of sagging or softness in the beams can indicate more serious structural issues. From inside your attic, some can be done to reinforce your roof and prepare it for winter before more serious repairs during the warmer months.

– Leak Repairs

Your attic is the ideal place to both identify leaks and repair the early damage caused by roof leaks.

– Attic Ventilation Consultation

Ventilation is the most important thing your attic has to offer when it comes to withstanding a Michigan winter. When warm air flows through the attic, it encourages ice and snow to melt and slide off safely.

– Insulation Improvements or Replacement

At the same time, insulation ensures that the cold outside does not transfer indoors. Insulation can help prevent ice dams and improve your home’s heating energy efficiency by preventing heat loss through the attic.

Emergency Roof Repair and Spot Installation

Sometimes, sudden and violent damage is done to your roof during the winter. Similarly, a long-term weakness like a rotting beam or deck board may give way under the weight of winter snow. If your roof suddenly takes extensive damage, then emergency roofing services are available for spot repairs and possibly sections of new roof installation. If extensive roof repair is necessary, your work will be prioritized for the soonest clear weather day with as many roofers as are needed to finish the job.

– Impact Damage

Has your roof recently been hit by a tree branch or storm-blown debris? Cracked shingles and possibly even broken beams and boards need to be replaced immediately. Emergency winter roofing in Dearborn, MI can ensure that impact damage is repaired swiftly so that your home is habitable again soon after the storm.

– Buckled Roof Beams and Decks

Sometimes, a roof weakening slowly over many years will give in under the weight of one winter’s snow. When this happens, we understand that remediation is necessary ASAP. Emergency roofing can help you clear out your attic and rebuild essential parts of the roof that have buckled.

– Extensive Shingle Damage

Sometimes, shingle damage is more than just patchwork. If you need large sections of your roof reinstalled, we can take care of this for you using winter adhesive and quick professional work.

Detached Flashing Repair and Installation

Flashing is an important part of your roof design – it keeps cold weather and moisture from getting in around your chimneys and roof vents.  Flashing is usually made of metal and sealed to your roof elements, but it can come away over time. A quick inspection can confirm whether your flashing is in good condition or has stopped keeping your chimney and vents sealed against the weather. New flashing can be installed or your old flashing can be resealed until more extensive repairs in the Spring.

– Repair Leaks Around Chimneys and Vent Stacks

Whether your chimney, your bathroom vent, or your oven hood are leaking, we can help. Flashing is essential to a home’s integrity no matter the season. Your roofers will find the detached flashing and repair the leak.

– Prevent Drafts and Heat Loss

Heat loss and drafts can be a clear sign of flashing damage in the winter. If your chimney is letting in freezing air around the bricks, especially along the outside of the bricks, let us know. Dearborn roofers will quickly help you prevent the roof-related heat loss.

Leaking Roof Repairs

Last but certainly not least is roof leaks. Any leaks noticed in the winter must be fixed immediately, as all leaks must be fixed  immediately. A roof leak means that moisture is getting in through the shingles, flashing, or around the gutter and eaves. That water is causing water damage to your wood structure, drywall, and potentially other internal components like wiring or insulation along the way.

Dearborn roofers will quickly help you find the source of the leak and repair is so that your roof can withstand the rest of the winter moisture-protected from snow, melt, sleet, and then the rains of Spring.

– Closing Visible Gaps

From your attic or from the rooftop, gaps that are visible or let in sunlight must be closed before the next snow. Emergency Dearborn roofing services can help you close these leaks and gaps with ASAP service scheduling.

– Identifying and Repairing Roof Leaks

Leaks often originate from the roof. especially if you see the signs in the ceiling and upper walls. Leaks must be closed immediately at any time of year, and your roofers understand that. Winter or Summer, we’ll help you identify and repair roof leaks as quickly as possible.

– Gutter Repair and Installation

Gutters can also be a source of leaks, or rather failure to prevent water accessing the eaves. If your gutters need to be reinstalled or if you need a whole new gutter system, that may need to happen in the winter and emergency roofing will ensure you are taken care of.

Do you need roofing services in Dearborn, Michigan? Winter or Summer, Autumn or Spring, we’re here to help you with all your roofing needs. We provide emergency roofing services throughout the year so contact us to schedule your roofing inspection or emergency repair.