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Has Your Roofing in Brownstown Michigan Been Damaged By Wind?

Has Your Roofing in Brownstown Michigan Been Damaged By Wind?

Today we will be talking about wind damage to your roof. Repairing wind damage to your home should always be number one on your list. If you brush it off and wait it could end up getting worse and worse with each wind storm you get. Roof damage in Brownstown Michigan can occur from wind. It could end up causing a lot of damage to your roof and end up having to replace your entire roof. You want to take action now to prevent this nightmare from unfolding. You want to make sure your roof is prepared to take on anything that mother nature has to throw at it.

Has Your Roofing in Brownstown Michigan Been Damaged By Wind?

You may notice your roof has a small amount of damage to it. While this might be fine throughout the summer. Fall has come up quickly and the small damage on your roof might now make it through the heart of winter. For any roof no matter what it’s made of can have a tough time holding up through a wind storm.

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Get Your Roof Fixed Before You Become The Victim

As if a severe windstorm isn’t enough, add loose tile and weak sections of your roof into the mix and it can quickly become a nightmare. If you notice tiles or shingles on your roof sticking up, you need to address them quickly. If you continue to ignore them then they can start to act like a sail, on a sailboat. This will then cause a lot more damage to your home’s roof.

The trick to avoid this scenario is to get annual roof inspections. Roof inspections can often uncover damage you didn’t even know your roof had. Normally roofing inspections will provide you a report with everything you need to have done for your roof to be able to withstand wind storms. Another thing you want to do is make sure your gutters are cleaned out and properly working.

Preventing Leaks From Your Roof

Rainfall is another major reason why you should get your roof inspected. Rain could also cause severe damage to your roof just like wind can. If you have a small leak in your roof it could easily cause major damage to your home and roof. A small leak may seem minor at first but it could easily turn into a roof replacement. If you brush it off long enough it could even end up destroying your home.

Even if where you live doesn’t receive high winds you could still receive a lot of damage from rain. If you notice a leak and it looks small, you still want to get a professional to inspect it. Because the deeper you dig the more problems they might find. You always want to fix the problem from the source, not just patch it up. Patching it up might look good, but it could destroy the inside of your home without you even knowing.

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The Aftermath of Storm Damage

If you have shingles on your roof, the asphalt from them could easily clog up your gutters and downspouts. When your gutters get clogged up it can quickly result in more damage to your home’s roof. If you notice missing sections on your roof you should immediately get a professional out to check it out. Missing sections could result in structure damage quickly, since shingles act as an armor for your roof. Another thing you want to look for is curled or buckled shingles on your roof. While at first this may not seem like a big deal, it could turn drastic quickly. Normally when this happens shingles will turn upwards on the sides.

With heavy rainfall and winds shingles can also just slip off. This could be caused by a number of different reasons. One of the most common reasons is corroded nails. It could also slip off by the wood under it becoming weak. It’s important to have it checked out because it could be weak from a number of different things, termites, rot, moisture, or sun exposure.

Remember to always keep up with regular maintenance on your roof and get it inspected at least once, or twice a year. It may cost a little extra money now but could end up saving you thousands in the long run. Maintenance and inspections could correct small problems before they end up costing you your entire roof! Be sure to call Downriver Roofers today at (734) 548-9919 for a quote on roof damage repair for your Brownstown Michigan home.