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How to Better Prevent Roof Leaks in Your Downriver Michigan Home

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Roof leaks are a huge problem for any homeowner. Even the smallest leak can turn into massive amounts of damage in a relatively small amount of time. Once water starts to pool in your attic, it can lead to excess moisture in the air. That can lead to warping, rotting and weakening of structural beams, creating a major safety hazard. Moisture in your roof can also cause electrical shocks, fires, and of course mold growth in the home. All of these issues pose a serious health risk and can make it unsafe to inhabit your home. Getting a roof repair in Downriver Michigan for a roof leak is a must and should be done as quickly as possible.

How to Better Prevent Roof Leaks in Your Downriver Michigan Home

A roof leak can develop for many reasons. Typically they are started by a storm or other weather event. High winds or impacts to the roof such as hail can damage the roofing shingles and a roof leak may develop. There are some things you can do to protect your roof however. One of the biggest things you can do is to regularly inspect the roof and look for damages. This inspection can be done from the ground and you should look for things such as missing shingles. Many times weather events can damage the roof and it’s obvious even from the ground. Be sure to look over your roof after a major storm.

How to Better Prevent Roof Leaks in Your Downriver Michigan Home

To help you better prevent these damages, it is important to prevent the leaks themselves as much as possible.

Do Regular Inspections

The best way to prevent your roof from having leaks is to stay informed with what is going on with it. By doing regular inspections, you can point out any problems that may be occurring, or any signs that there may be problems in the future. You should have a professional inspection done at least once every three years, but should do your own inspection at least once a year. The more often inspections are done, the better informed you are.

Getting a roof repair in Downriver Michigan for a roof leak is a must and should be done as quickly as possible.

Pay Attention to Storms

After storms, especially strong winds and hail, you should always look at your roof. While you may not be able to climb up on the roof, you should look as much as possible from the ground for any signs of damage. You should also look in your attic for any signs of water getting in.

Remove Debris

Whether it is after a storm, or just a day in fall, you need to be proactive and keep any and all debris from sitting on your roof. Remove leaves, snow, and anything else from sitting on your roof where it can hold in moisture that can eat away at your roof. You should also trim nearby trees to prevent leaves and branches from falling on your roof.

Keep Gutters Clean

Gutters staying clear is absolutely crucial to keeping water off your roof. When gutters get obstructed, moisture can get backed up and water can sit on your roof. The longer water sits on your roof, the more it can work away at the covering and into your home. Check to see if water is backing up, and try to clean your gutters at least once every couple months.

Stay Up to Date on Maintenance

Maintenance is unavoidable if you want to keep your roof strong and leak free. In addition to trimming trees and clearing debris, you need to also keep up to date on the maintenance the materials you have need.

Choose Better Materials and Accessories

It is important to opt for flashings, fascia board and vapor barriers, in addition to materials strong enough to handle the weather in your area. While it may cost a little more, you will see a huge reduction in damage and the cost of repairs. Without the extra help, you are still susceptible to leaks.

Use a Licensed Roofing Contractor

Don’t trust your home’s roof to a low budget contractor. Always use a fully licensed and insured roofing contractor for any type of roofing work on your home. Even a small roof repair can turn into a major problem if it’s not done correctly. Be sure to call Downriver Roofers today at 734-548-9919 if you need roof repairs or even if you just need an inspection for your roof. They are fully qualified and offer many roofing services in Downriver Michigan.