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Preventative Tips to Avoid Roof Repair in Ann Arbor Michigan During Winter

Preventative Tips to Avoid Roof Repair in Ann Arbor Michigan During Winter

Keeping your roof in good shape is important. During winter months when the weather can be downright dreadful it can put your roof under a lot of stress and without proper maintenance being done you may end up needing to get roof repairs in Ann Arbor Michigan because of damages to the roof. Taking a few steps to make sure your roof is prepared for the weather ahead is important. Here are some tips to help you avoid costly roof repair on your home.

Preventative Tips to Avoid Roof Repair in Ann Arbor Michigan During Winter

The winter weather outside can be dangerous and severe so be sure you’re prepared. And not just with your winter coat and boots, make sure your home is ready as well. While leaks may seem minor in the summer, they can cause serious damage to your property and lead to all sorts of water damage in your home. Even small leaks can cause irreparable damage and black mold to start growing in your home which can be unhealthy for you and your family. In addition to the fact that winter repairs are more difficult when you have to deal with snow, rain, and freezing temperatures, they can also take longer.

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Once your roof has damage it will need to be repaired. If your home has a roof leak no matter the season it needs to be repaired as quickly as possible. When you delay getting roof repair when you need it the results can be more and more water damage to your home. Over time there can be significant damage to your home from a simple roof leak. This can include structural damage, mold damage, and even electrical hazards with standing water in your home. It’s best to get any repairs done quickly to avoid further problems from a roof leak. With that being said, here are some things you can do to help avoid roof damage to begin with:

Remove Tree Branches That Are Over Your Roof

One huge problem for many homes is the trees that surround the home. While these trees can provide shade during summer during the winter they can be a threat to the roof. As ice and snow builds up in trees it can break branches which can then come crashing down into your home’s roof. It is dangerous to prune high tree branches by yourself so you’ll need to hire a tree removal company or landscaper which offers tree removal or trimming. This will ensure that your roof stays intact and that your tree thrives. Arborists can also identify any tree diseases or tree rot before they become out of control. Any trees which are dead should be removed as well to prevent them from falling into your home or roof.

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Insulate and Ventilate

Are you unable to remember when your attic has been inspected? Or did your new house come with no insulation? Substandard insulation is easy to find in builders, which can lead to you not getting the benefits that you want. Proper insulation in your attic can prevent leaks and heat transfer, and stop snowmelt and ice from melting on the roof. Take a trip into your home’s attic and inspect the insulation that is present. You’ll also want to look for any signs of problems with the ventilation in the attic. This can be boxes stacked in front of gable vents and such.

Remove Debris from the Roof

A healthy roof is one that is clean and less likely to leak. It’s surprising that leaks are often caused by debris. This can be leaves, twigs, or any other material. Although it can be difficult to maintain a roof, many homeowners neglect to do so. Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial. You don’t have the time or ability to climb a ladder and clean your roof. Let a professional do it. Allowing debris to remain on your roof can discolor shingles as well as cause leaks. So even if the roof leak is repaired it can still bring down the value of the home because of these off color shingles.

Get a Roof Inspection

Unsure if your home’s roof is ready for winter weather and the temperatures which can put your roof to the test? Getting a roof inspection by a qualified roofer can help you better understand what condition your roof is in and whether there are areas which need to be repaired. Call A2 Roofers today at 734-548-9915 to schedule a roof inspection on your home.