Signs That You May Want To Consider Replacing Your Roof in Ypsilanti Michigan

Signs That You May Want To Consider Replacing Your Roof in Ypsilanti Michigan

A roof serves a huge purpose in keeping your home well protected, without it, your home would be completely useless. That’s why it’s important to know when you’ll want to replace your home’s roofing in Ypsilanti Michigan. There’s lots of signs that can point you into the right direction of replacing your roof. Of course a roof replacement can be an expensive investment, so you’ll want to be sure that a roof replacement is actually what you need instead of just a simple repair, but these signs will help you determine if your home’s roof actually does need a replacement done.

Signs That You May Want To Consider Replacing Your Roof in Ypsilanti Michigan

Every roof has a lifespan, they can range from 20 to over 100 years depending on the material used and the maintenance provided to that roof. If you have asphalt shingles installed on your home’s roof, you can expect to see 20 to 30 years of life from the roof of your home if you’ve properly taken care of it. Neglecting to do maintenance could shorten the life of your home’s roof meaning you’ll have to get a roof replacement from even reaching it’s estimated lifespan. Be sure to read closely while we talk about the signs of a failing roof.

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Your Roof’s 20th Birthday

Whenever your home’s roof reaches 20 years old, it’s the perfect time to schedule a professional roofing company to come out and inspect your roof for any damage or problems. It’s good practice to know whether or not your home’s roof needs replacing or not. A professional will be able to tell you whether or not the roof of your house is in good enough condition to keep going, if not then it could be time for you to have your roof replaced.

Shingles Are Missing

Whenever you inspect your home’s roof, even from your yard, you could see missing shingles from the roof. If you do, then it could be a sign your roof needs to be replaced but not always. Sometimes shingles can go missing because of poor installation or just wear and tear, so it’s a good idea to closely inspect your roof’s shingles to ensure they’re not deteriorating away, if they show more signs of discoloration, cracking, or going missing, then it could be time for you to have a roof replacement done.

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Improper Installation And Repairs

If you’ve had issues with your roof and it’s not been long after it’s been installed, it could be due to improper installations and repairs done by roofing contractors who aren’t professionals. Hire a trusted professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof for any signs of bad repairs or signs of a bad installation. It can be stressful finding out your home’s roof wasn’t properly catered to, however it’s good to find it out and have it replaced before it fails completely.

Your Shingles Have Lost Granules

Granules lie on the top part of your asphalt shingles, giving protection from the sun. However, over years the granules can begin falling off and going into your gutters and downspout. If you notice a large amount of granules in your gutters, it could be a sign that your shingles are getting old and are in need of a roof replacement. Small amounts of granules aren’t that big of a deal, only large amounts.

Your Roof Has Holes

A great way to tell if your roof has holes in it that can cause leaking, is by going into your attic in the daytime and seeing if any sun is shining through. If there’s any signs of natural lighting coming in, then your roof may have holes in it. While this doesn’t always mean your roof needs to be replaced, it could certainly help you know that your roof is having problems. If roof leaks aren’t fixed properly, you could find yourself with a compromised roofing system that needs replacing sooner or later.

Roof replacements are expensive and can be stressful when it comes time to replace your home’s roof, however replacing it will be your best bet to having a safe and secure home to live in. Hire a professional roofing company today to talk about having the roof of your house replaced. One of the best is Ypsilanti Roofing Company. They offer free quotes and emergency roof repair services. Call them at (734) 291-0165