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Why Is My Roof Leaking? Common Problems To Why Your Roof in Downriver Michigan Is Leaking

Why Is My Roof Leaking? Common Problems To Why Your Roof in Downriver Michigan Is Leaking

Roofs are durable and can withstand a lot of suffering from harsh weather, rough elements, and much more. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t show problems here and there. Roof leaks can be scary to any homeowner as it could worsen and cause major damage to your home and belongings. If you notice your roof leaking and want to find out the sole reason behind why it’s leaking then this list will help you become more knowledgeable on why your roof in Downriver Michigan is leaking.

Why Is My Roof Leaking? Common Problems To Why Your Roof in Downriver Michigan Is Leaking

Roof leaks aren’t really a major problem depending on what type of leak it is. If it’s just a small leak with a few drops of water coming through, then no, it’s not a major problem. However, they can certainly become a major problem by not attending to it and repairing it quickly when it’s first noticed. It can cause plenty of major problems including health risk, and hazardous risks. So whenever your roof is leaking, it’s always highly advised to act quick and have it repaired before the problem worsens. We’ll go over some reasons on why your roof may be leaking.

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Roof Is Old

Every roof has a lifespan and when they start reaching the end of their lifespan, they become weak and show a lot of problems. If you’ve noticed along with your roof leak that your roof also has other roofing problems, then it could certainly be from old age. Asphalt shingles typically last anywhere from 20-30 years depending on the maintenance involved, so if your roof is reaching that age, it could be time for a whole new roof.

Gutters Are Constantly Clogging Up

Gutters play a huge role in allowing water to escape your homes foundation, sometimes gutters become clogged up and allow debris to sit in a certain spot and hold water up. This can form a pool of water to form on the edge of your roof and cause water damage, potentially leading to a roof leak. Checking your gutters to ensure they’re cleared out and water is flowing properly will let you know if it’s something else besides your gutter system.

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Roof Is Punctured

A punctured roof could lead to a leak, this could be done by debris like tree branches or even holes from a satellite dish that was taken down, holes from the bolts could have not been sealed and allow water to seep in. If you’ve recently had anything uninstalled from your roof, checking it to see if there’s any holes left over will surely be an indication on why your roof could be leaking.

Shingles Are Missing From Your Roof

Missing shingles are a big indication on why your roof may be leaking, shingles provide a slope to allow water to flow over top of them down to your gutter system. If any shingles are missing from your roof, this could be why your roof is leaking. However, it’s not 100% certain, since there is a water-resistant barrier underneath shingles but it could have seeped through this barrier and into your roof.

Flashings Are Old

Flashings are metal sheets that go around objects on your roof such as pipe vents, skylights, and more. This metal is connected to your roof via sealant so water doesn’t seep into your roof. Sometimes the sealant for flashings can become old and crack or deteriorate, allowing water to seep in. If you’re unsure on why your roof is leaking, then check your flashings and see if the sealant is cracked or if the flashings themselves are broken.

Roof leaks can be a hassle, especially finding out why your roof started leaking in the first place. We highly recommend hiring a professional roofing company to come out and inspect your roof to find out the sole cause of why your roof has started to leak. This way, nothing is unseen as sometimes homeowners with low experience with roofs can easily overlook things. If your roof is leaking, we always recommend having it repaired quickly, this will avoid any future damage that could cause by continuing to leak. Regardless of how big or small the leak is, fixing it soon will prevent any further damage, leaving your mind at ease. Call Downriver Roofers today at (734) 548-9919 for roof repair on your home and get a free estimate.