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Factors that Will Increase Your Roofing Replacement Costs in Downriver Michigan

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When the roof on your home starts to fail and you need roof replacement in Downriver Michigan you’re likely going to wonder about pricing. Roof prices can vary depending on a number of factors. And although the roofing contractor in Downriver Michigan will have pricing that may differ from here, most will adhere to these factors. Listed below are some of the factors that will cause the price of your roof replacement to increase or decrease when getting a roof replacement in Downriver Michigan.

Factors that Will Increase Your Roofing Replacement Costs in Downriver Michigan

Factors that Will Increase Your Roofing Replacement Costs in Downriver Michigan

These factors will help to shape the cost of your roofing replacement. Although there isn’t much you can do it does help the buyer to understand the costs involved in roof replacement and more importantly, why the costs are added to their roof replacement.

Roof Pitch – Labor Costs Increase

As the pitch on your roof increases so will the costs associated with getting a new roof installed. Roofing contractors will need to place extra boards and effect more safety measures to cover roofs that are steeper. It also makes the entire process more labor intensive and can drive up costs.

Height of Working Roof

The height of your home can also make the price of roof replacement increase. Higher homes such as 2 and 3 story homes are more because more equipment is usually need to places supplies, roofing materials, etc on the roofing surface.

Design and Layout of the Roof

Having lots of details and designs on your roof can look great but when it comes to the price of replacing your roof it can cost extra. If your roof has a large number of dormers, ridges, and valleys the price of the new roof can increase. Usually these added design elements will also require more roofing materials as well as labor costs.

Has the Home Been Re-Roofed Previously?

A method of replacing a roof that is very cost effective is known as a roof over or re-roof. When a home is re-roofed a new layer of shingles are placed on top of the existing roof. While this is cost effective and economical during the re-roof it can only be done once on the home. Only two layers of shingles are allowed on a home because of weight issues. If the roofing contractor has to remove two layers of shingles instead of one, the cost of the roof will increase because of added labor and added debris removal and cleanup.

What Size Is Your Roof?

Most roofers will refer to your home as a number of squares. Basically, every 10 foot by 10 foot section is a square (100 feet squared). While more squares will cost more on materials costs so larger homes will have materials on the home the labor costs typically go down. Alternatively, on smaller homes that do not have many squares of shingles to be added, the price can go up. So a smaller roof will cost more per square than a larger one. This is due to setup costs, preparation work, and any equipment placement that needs to be made at the job site

Problems with the Roof Decking

When a roof is leaking and there are problems on the roof there are also likely problems with the roof decking where the roof is leaking. Roof decking that needs to be replaced will cost more because more materials such as plywood is needed along with more labor for installing the roof decking.

Proper Ventilation of the Roof

Although you may already have ventilation installed in gable ends or on the eaves of your home more may need to be added. Proper ventilation is required to maintain the warranty on the roofing materials and if more ventilation is needed on your home the price of the new roof in Downriver Michigan will likely increase.

Get an Estimate on Your New Roof Installation

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