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How Does Hail Damage Impact Your Roofing in Ypsilanti Michigan

How Does Hail Damage Impact Your Roofing in Ypsilanti Michigan

There are many threats to your roof that occur on a daily basis. The sun is always shining down on your roof causing it to heat up and then as the cool night comes around it cools back down. This expansion and contraction are always affecting the roof. Another threat your roof faces is storms. When a storm hits your roof is the first line of protection for the home and making sure your roofing is in good shape is crucial to protecting your home.

Even if the roof is in good shape it can be damaged by some storms, however. One of the biggest problems for roofing in Ypsilanti Michigan is hail damage on the roof. Hail can damage the roof quickly and you may not even know it. Since hailstones can get larger and larger, even newer roofing is at risk of damage from larger hailstones. There are roofing shingles that can help to prevent hail damage known as impact resistant shingles but are more expensive than standard counterparts. The added expense is usually not something homeowners go for when getting a new roof installed on their homes.

There are some common problems that will happen when you have hail damage on your home. We’ll take a look at some of those problems and what you can do to help protect your home’s roof in Ypsilanti Michigan below.

How Does Hail Damage Impact Your Roofing in Ypsilanti Michigan

How Does Hail Damage Impact Your Roofing in Ypsilanti Michigan

The Roof is Damaged All Over

When the roof is damaged by hail it will likely have damage all over the roof. As the hail falls and impacts the roofing surface it can puncture the roofing shingles where it impacts. Usually, this puncture is very small but large enough to allow water to pass through. And this problem occurs over the entire roof usually which means that the entire roof will need to be replaced if there is hail damage on the roof. A roofing inspection of your home’s roof can verify if it has hail damage. Sometimes these punctures are present but the roof does not leak initially. This is usually because of warmer weather where the shingles ‘bounce back’ faster. During colder winter months, however, the roof leak will likely become a reality.

Hail Can Beat the Granules From Your Shingles

For most roofing materials used today the distinctive coloring they have is because of the colored granules that are present. One problem that hail can cause is that these granules are beaten off the shingles. This problem can be present even when the shingles are not punctured by hailstones and you may not have a roof leak initially. You may have larger areas on the roof which are discolored, however. This problem can occur even with smaller hailstones. The granules will usually collect in gutters. Inspect the area where your downspouts drain and you may see lots of shingle granules. A large amount of granules in the gutters or discoloration on your roof is enough to need a roof inspection on your home.

Roof Shingle Tabs May Be Missing

Larger hailstones can cause a lot more damage. Since hailstones can get really large they can also become really damaging to items such as your roof shingles. As large hailstones impact the roof they can break tabs from shingles which almost always leads to a roof leak. The roof leak may be present immediately depending on the severity of the impact. And while it may seem like asphalt shingle roofing is easily damaged by hailstones, you can actually have tile roofing broken as well from larger hailstones. Even metal roofing can be dented and bent because of hailstones falling on them. Even smaller hailstones can sometimes dent metal roofing.

Get a Roof Inspection if You Suspect Damage to Your Roof from a Hail Storm

If your roof has damage from hail be sure to call a qualified roofing contractor to inspect it. Ypsilanti Roofing Company has been in business for more than 20 years and can help remedy your roofing issues. They can help you with the roof inspection and also take photos of the roof damage if needed to help with any insurance claims. Call them today at 734-291-0165 to get more information and to schedule your roof inspection in Ypsilanti Michigan.