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How Strong Winds Can Damage Your Roofing in Downriver Michigan

How Strong Winds Can Damage Your Roofing in Downriver Michigan

Roof damage can happen for a variety of reasons but the biggest threat to most roofing in Downriver Michigan is wind. Although your roof is meant to protect you from the elements, there are other factors that can cause damage as well which include high winds. High winds can not only damage the roof itself but it can also damage gutters and fascia boards as well. Here are some tips on protecting your home and just how wind affects your roof.

How Strong Winds Can Damage Your Roofing in Downriver Michigan

There’s not much you can do about the weather that affects your roof but it doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for that weather. Most wind damages to roofing will not cause a roof leak right away unless the damage is severe. But if left without doing proper repairs it can end up as a roof leak on your home which can lead to water damage and over time even cause mold growth in the home.

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So What is Wind Damage to a Shingle Roof?

Most severe storms have associated winds with them. When fronts move through the area these winds are usually present at the beginning of storms but can last much longer. Even though there are hours of howling winds that can hit your roof at a steady rate, they don’t always reach it at the same speed. Wind damage can cause roof damage at all angles and corners. And how old your roof is along with a few other factors may put your home’s roof at more risk of damages.

Wind damage can cause shingles to break away and actually fall off the roof which can lead to water damage and roof leaks. The other problem caused by wind damage is “lifting”, where the shingles appear unaffected after a storm but have lost their suction against the roof, and the nails that held them in place are loosening. The sealant between layers of shingles will begin to break down as they lift further, resulting in potential leakage. This is more common on older shingle roofing.

High winds can also blow debris and limbs around as well which can end up falling on the roof and damaging it. The roof can be scratched by debris. Broken limbs or fallen branches can damage the roof. It is actually the debris that blows around that causes the most problems. A great way to help prevent this problem is to trim back any tree branches that hang over the roof which will fall into the roof if they break.

Look for the Signs of Damage to a Roof Because of Wind

Strong winds are not ideal weather. You never know what high-velocity winds will whip up next. After strong winds have passed through your area, you should inspect the interior and exterior for signs of wind damage. A simple look around your home at your roof looking for damages or missing shingles can help prevent lots of damage and only takes a few minutes. Here are some of the things you should be on the lookout for when inspecting your roof:

4 Things That Can Damage your Roofing in Brownstown Michigan

Fallen Trees, Branches, or Other Debris

Strong winds can cause damage to trees and fling larger, heavier items around your yard. If you see branches or other items on your roof, it is a sign that there has been damage. Keep damages from happening less often by trimming branches from your roof and storing any items from your yard like barrels, buckets and other objects that could be launched at your roof.

Missing Shingles

After a storm, you might see granules and shingles on your lawn. High winds can cause shingles to fall off and loosen nails. Even if the shingles are still in place, you need to look out for unusual curling or buckle. If you find shingles in your yard, it doesn’t neccisarily mean it’s from your roof as it may have come from a neighbors home. Check the color and compare to your roof.

Missing or Bent Flashing

It’s not just the roofing itself that can be damaged in high winds. Metal flashing is used to seal many areas on your roof and winds can bend and cause cracks in flashing which end up as roof leaks. Make sure your roof flashing is flat and not bent up in any way.

Have you noticed any of these problems on your home’s roof? If so, you may have wind damage on your home and need roof repairs. Be sure to call the experts at Downriver Roofers today at 734-548-9919 for roof repairs and get a free quote on repairs or replacement.