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How to Spot Hidden Storm Damage on Your Roof in Canton Michigan

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With strong winds and flying debris, storms can cause your roof to become damaged without you even realizing it. Sometimes, the worst kind of damage is the kind that occurs over a prolonged period of time. When water gets trapped in your roof in Canton Michigan, it can be hard to spot until the problem is too severe. By being able to spot this hidden storm damage, you will soon be able to fix the problems. You can rest assured that you will have a strong roof over your home to protect yourself and your family.

How to Spot Hidden Storm Damage on Your Roof in Canton Michigan

When the shingles on your home’s roof are impacted by a storm, they are pulled backward and will remain lifted. Even if they sit back down slightly, it is highly unlikely that they are going to re-seal. If you notice your shingles looking different after a storm hits, you can safely assume that they have been impacted by storm damage. This will appear in many ways, such as lifted shingles, uneven lines, granule loss, cracks, and leaks. As soon as you notice any of the above damage, you should contact a roofer in Canton Michigan immediately to assess the severity. You might even need to file a claim with your insurance company depending on how bad it is.

How to Spot Hidden Storm Damage on Your Roof in Canton Michigan

Before you call a professional, you can perform an outdoor roof inspection on your home once it is safe to go outside again. Simply walk around the perimeter of your home from the ground level and look toward your roof. Anything that is clearly visible from the ground has likely sustained significant damage. Take a look around the inside of your home too. Make a note of where the outdoor damage is, and then look at the ceiling below it. While there doesn’t need to be an apparent leak to indicate damage, you will likely notice some bubbling or discoloration in the area. Most roof damage after a storm can usually be noticed from the ground level and you should no go onto your home’s roof as it’s very dangerous. If you suspect there is damage on your roof it’s best to call a roofing contractor to come out and make a more detailed roof inspection. Many times roofing contractors will offer free roof inspections.

It is not recommended to perform any maintenance on your own because you do not know the integrity of your roof after a storm. What looks fine externally might be holding onto some major damage on the inside. One wrong step, and you might create a hole in your roof, or even worse, fall through that hole. This is why it is best to leave the complicated roofing repairs to the professionals. While you can simply replace a few shingles after a storm, you will likely need to replace the others soon after, so it makes sense to get them all fixed at once.

If you live in an area that is prone to strong winds, even hurricanes, Owens Corning Duration shingles are known to be the very best. They use SureNail technology in order to ensure that your shingles aren’t going to budge during inclement weather. These shingles are not only durable, but they are also protected by a patent. The nail enhancement feature of the shingles makes sure that they stay in place, even during the worst storms. When your roof is able to withstand strong winds, it is likely going to be protected from debris and other water damage.

One area you can inspect on your own is the attic in your home. If you have a problem on your home’s roof and it’s leaking then you’ll likely see signs of that roof leak in the attic. Look for spots that are damp and with the lights off in the attic be sure to look for any type of sunlight coming through the roof.

If you think your home may have storm damage or another problem with the roof be sure to call the expert roofers at Twelve Oaks Roofing for a roof inspection. You can set up an appointment by calling 248-525-6950. They offer free quotes and roofing inspections in the Canton Michigan area.