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Roofing Scams: How to Protect Yourself When Getting a New Roof in Dearborn Michigan

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We hear everyday about a new scam or scheme where some unsuspecting person is taken advantage of. Most scams work because people trust too much and simply don’t know about the product or service that they are buying. Roofing scams happen because the roof on your home is designed to last for many years and you typically won’t need a roofing contractor in Dearborn Michigan until there is a problem. Understanding what your needs may be and having a few tips can help you to avoid many of the common scams that are out there today.

Roofing Scams: How to Protect Yourself When Getting a New Roof in Dearborn Michigan

Your roof is the most important part of your home, making it a big player for protecting you and your family. That being said, we will often go out of our way to make sure our roof is taken care of. In the event that your roof needs to be replaced, you may be tempted to go with the cheapest or quickest estimate you get, but you should really reconsider this until you’ve done some serious looking into the company you get that information from. Here are a few scams you could encounter and should avoid.

Roofing Scams: How to Protect Yourself When Getting a New Roof in Dearborn Michigan

The Storm Chaser – These are the most commonly known roofing scammers around. After major storms where damage is widespread, these companies will come out of the woodwork and offer cheap and quick roof repair or replacement. This is what gets most homeowners as this is typically a vulnerable time when their home has been severely damaged and they just want to get close to normal as quickly as possible. These storm chasers may do the repair, but more often than not these repairs are done quickly and without the proper steps being taken, making the workmanship done poorly and inefficiently.

High Pressure Situations – These ‘contractors’ will show up when times are tough, often after a major weather event where there is roofing work already being done in the area. These salesmen will offer up special deals or rates, pressuring the homeowner to sign a contract then and there. Often this contract legally binds the homeowner to agreements they aren’t privy of and can end up costing them to replace their roof without the necessity of doing so.

Door to Door – These salesmen will go door to door willing someone to take their bait in the promise of free repairs or services. The salesmen may offer up a free inspection, then go onto the roof and mock damages or even doctor images of damage to look like the homeowner’s roof. They’ll then try to get you to hire them to make the ‘repairs’. Sometimes, these salesmen even damage the roof just to get the job. This has a negative effect on the homeowner in many ways. Once you file an insurance claim for these alleged damages, which goes onto your record, potentially causing problems if you need to make another claim later on.

Disappearing Act – All too often, a scammer will ask for a down payment for services, then never return to complete any of the work. While you aren’t out the total cost, you have absolutely nothing to show for it. The company will likely tell you that they need the down payment for material and product costs, but leave once you’ve signed over the check. This often even happens where insurance claims are involved and the scamming company has the homeowner sign over an insurance check to them as down payment. The company then cashes the check and skips town to find the next victim.

The Rollercoaster – This elevator ride of a fluctuating bid should be a major red flag. While there could be instances where a repair or replacement ends up costing more, a professional roofing contractor who gives you a quote should have a pretty good idea about what a job will cost, and many will even be able to estimate an overage should that occur. A scammer using this tactic may try to tell you that prices in materials change, but contractors are typically notified well in advance for price changes, so they should know the costs before your estimate is made.

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