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Key Items Your Roofing Contract Should Contain in Plymouth Michigan

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Getting a new roof installed on your home and removing the old roof is a major home improvement project. Most new roofs can cost thousands of dollars so being able to protect yourself from scams and problems is a must. The best way to protect yourself is by using a roof contract and understanding what you should be looking for on it. Here are some tips and items that should be included in the roofing contract if you are getting a new roof in Plymouth Michigan installed on your home.

Key Items Your Roofing Contract Should Contain in Plymouth Michigan

Having a qualified roofing contractor install your new roof is a must. Improper installation of the roof can lead to all sorts of problems. Many times a roofing contractor may leave key items out of the contract intentionally or they may not even use one. Always look over the roofing contract before signing it to ensure it includes everything that was discussed and agreed upon when getting the estimate for the roof. You’ll also want to get a copy of the roofing contract as well when signing. A roofing contract may seem like protection for just the roofing contractor but it helps the home owner as well.

When you use a roofing contract it should detail the entire project. This can include materials, fess, and more. The more detailed the roofing contract is the less confusion and problems there will be. If there is a problem, be sure to look to the roofing contract to see if it is included. Items like cleaning up after the project is done or if gutters will be installed can sometimes be promised during the estimate but made as an additional cost at the end of the project if it’s not included in the contract. Here are some items you should look for on a roofing contract:

Key Items Your Roofing Contract Should Contain in Plymouth Michigan

Full Details of the Entire Project

The contract should contain all the details of the project. This should include the size of the roof including any porches or sheds that will also be included. It should also contain the time frame that the roof will be installed. Having a roofing contractor start your roof only to leave it and go to another job can leave your entire home vulnerable. Carefully look over the contract to ensure it contains all these details. You’ll also need to know if any permits or inspections should be obtained and if it’s included by the roofing contractor or if it’s your responsibility.

All Fees Associated with the Project

Not only should the roofing contract have all the details about the materials used in the project but it should also contain details about all the fees and charges for the project. Typically, most roofing projects are priced by the ‘square’ so it’s important that this is listed on the contract. The contract should also contain any and all fees that you may be responsible for. These fees can be for debris removal and disposal or even permits. It’s important that all fee including any penalties that you may be charged is included.

Financing or Payment Information

Many roofing contracts will also contain payment information as well as financing information. This will vary from contractor to contractor but have documentation for payment requirements is critical. This can certainly help you later in case things go horribly wrong with the project.

Materials Used for This Projects

The costs of materials for a roofing project is usually the biggest charges. And since roofing products can vary greatly some roofing contractors will not detail the type, style, and design of the roofing materials that are being installed. Make sure your roofing contract has full details of all the components that will be installed on the roof along with the warranty information for each of them. Many of the materials that are sold today come in a roofing system each with their individual components.

Get an Estimate on Your Project

Before signing any type of contract for your roofing project it’s best to get a written estimate for the project. Home Pros Plymouth is a fully licensed and qualified roofing contractor in Plymouth Michigan that offers free estimates on roofing projects. Call them today to get started and discuss your roofing needs at 734-548-9911.