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Problem Areas That Need To Be Inspected Before A Roof Replacement in Downriver Michigan

Roof Inspection in Downriver MI

Getting a roof replacement in Downriver Michigan is intended to give your home a fresh start when it comes to durability and protection. But if your roof isn’t properly inspected before your replacement, there may be something small overlooked. Even the smallest of problems can quickly become worse when it comes to your roof. This can greatly impact the new roof’s lifespan and may cost you more money for avoidable repairs. To make sure you are getting everything takes care of at once and are starting with a clean bill of health for your home, you need to make sure certain areas have been thoroughly inspected.

Problem Areas That Need To Be Inspected Before A Roof Replacement in Downriver Michigan

In order to properly assess the overall condition of your roof you’ll need to first get the roof inspected. While it may seem like an unnecessary step, it can help to prevent lots of damage to your home’s roof. It can also help to curb some of the surprises you may encounter if you don’t have one done. By getting a roof inspection before installing a new roof in Downriver Michigan you can better understand everything that needs to be addressed on the roof. This can include replacing parts of the roof decking and other items which may not be immediately visible or even included on the roof estimate. Finding out that there are additional problems on the roof can help you better budget the new roof installation as well. Here are some of the items and components that should be inspected before getting a new roof on your home:

Problem Areas That Need To Be Inspected Before A Roof Replacement in Downriver Michigan


Whether it is shingles, metal sheeting, tiles or anything else, your covering is one of the first things that needs to be checked on your roof. It is the first layer of defense on your roof and is the most prone to damage. Shingles especially are known to have issues. This includes cracks, dents, bruising, missing granules and shingles that have become loose. Once the covering can been compromised, it is easy for moisture to get through and cause damage to the rest of your home.

Sub Roof / Roof Decking

The sub roof is directly under the covering and provides another layer of protection for anything trying to get inside. The sub roof typically has some sort of tarp or sheeting that is moisture resistant. If this is missing or damaged, you will need to look for moisture stains and other issues.


The fascia is the lower layer of your roof where the gutters are connected. While you may not see damage from moisture in the center of your roof, you can have a lot of problems around the edges. This is because moisture can build up and sit when water is not allowed to flow through your gutters. That is why it is so crucial to regularly clear your gutters and remove obstructions. Otherwise, you can end up with rot and mold on your roof that can easily spread.


Flashings are used on roofs to help create a waterproof seal to block out moisture. They are used around chimneys, valleys and edges to prevent water from sneaking in anywhere. These flashings are only effective as long as the seal is intact. If the flashings are damaged or improperly installed, they will need to be removed and the area will need to be checked for damage.


Your roof’s attic is also going to need to be inspected before you can replace your roof. This is because your attic will give you a clear indication of how much the damage has spread from your roof and if there is any structural damage. You should not only look for existing damage like leaks, rot and mold, but also examine possible problems. This includes any HVAC systems, piping, insulation and ventilation you have in your attic. By inspecting them and making sure they are all working properly, you make it less likely that there will be problems when you replace your roof.

Call a Professions Roofer for Your Roof Installation

When you need to install a new roof on your Downriver Michigan home be sure to use a fully qualified professional. Downriver Roofers has been serving the great folks of Downriver for more than 20 years and continues to be one of the best roofers in the area. Call them today at 734-548-9919 for a free quote and get a roof inspection on your home.