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5 Steps to Hiring the Right Roof Contractor in Plymouth Michigan

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When your roof is leaking and needing to be replaced you may want to find the first roofing contractor you can find to perform the task of replacing your home’s roof but if you don’t properly qualify them you may end up replacing the roof again soon. Since the roofing on most homes will last for many years it’s not something that many homeowners deal with during their homeownership. This leaves the door open for contractors who aren’t properly qualified to promote and take advantages of customers. Don’t be taken by these fly by night contractors. We’ve included 5 tips you can use to find the best roofing contractor in Plymouth Michigan below.

5 Steps to Hiring the Right Roof Contractor in Plymouth Michigan

A damaged roof on your home can be costly to replace. However, if your roof is currently leaking the costs of getting the roof installed and the damaged repaired from the roof leak will go up exponentially. The longer a roof leaks the more damage that you’ll have on the inside of your home. And over some time your home may even have mold growth due to the water leaking in the home. So when you have a roof leak, clearly time is not on your side. This can make some homeowners make hasty decisions about their roofing contractor. However, be sure to read over the following tips before you sign a roof contract, it could mean the difference in your roof holding up and it failing in just a few years.

5 Steps to Hiring the Right Roof Contractor in Plymouth Michigan

Only Use Licensed Roofers

Hiring a roofing contractor who isn’t properly licensed is asking for trouble. Not just from a standpoint of your roof may not perform correctly but in other ways. For instance, if you don’t have a properly licensed roofing contractor to install the roof there may be problems with permits and inspections which can result in problems if you try to sell the home later. Plus, improper installation of the roofing by unqualified roofers can mean that the warranty on the roof is not covered which could result in making the roof be installed again.

Only Use Insured Roofers

Having a properly licensed and insured roofer install the roof on your home is always recommended. One of the most dangerous jobs is roofing. That means that there are many risks and problems that can happen when the roof is being installed. If your roofing contractor isn’t properly insured and something happens it could mean problems for you. You may be liable for an accident that occurs on your property. Homeowners insurance on your home will likely go up and you may even have the insurance canceled over the ordeal. Making sure the roofer is insured is important because it protects the homeowner.

Insist on a Roof Contract

With any home improvement project, there is a contract that you’ll need to sign in order to start the project. This contract will contain details about the project including materials used, the pricing details, and time frame for the project. It’s important that the contractor uses this contract as it can help to protect them in the event of a misunderstanding later. But it can also protect the homeowners as well. Make sure to get a copy of the contract and that it details any specifics about the project.

Check Online Reviews and Recommendations

A great way to learn more about a company before signing on with them is to look at their online reviews. Check in places like Facebook, Google, and Yelp for reviews of the roofing contractor you wish to use. Be wary about using roofing recommendations sites such as Home Advisor or Angie’s List as the contractors are ordered and reviewed based on what package they pay for. Basically, they pay more to have better results which makes the rating system useless in many cases.

Get an Estimate First

One other thing you’ll certainly want to do before signing up for a new roof to be installed on your home is to get an estimate. Getting an estimate on a new roof is a great way to determine just how much the roof will cost and it can help you decide on some of the components of the roof. Be sure to call Home Pros Plymouth today at 734-548-9911 to get a free estimate!