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Key Things a Contract for a New Roof in Downriver Michigan Should Have

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Getting a new roof installed on your home can be a frustrating and confusing time. One reason for that confusion is the time frame between roof replacements. It’s not something that you do often and when you do get a new roof installed it can be many years in between, even decades. So when getting a new roof in Downriver Michigan there is a way to reduce some of that stress and frustration. Of course, having a great roof contractor to help you sort through the maze of roofing lingo will help, but what can really help is to understand the roof contract that will be used on your roof installation. We’ll cover some key things that you’ll want to ensure your roofing contract has included below.

Key Things a Contract for a New Roof in Downriver Michigan Should Have

Different roofing companies in Downriver Michigan will have different roof contracts that they use. Some can be very inclusive and have loads of details about the project, while others may be really vague and not include specifics about the project. while this may not seem like much of a problem imagine getting shingles installed on your home that only last 15 years while you paid for 50 year shingles. Including more details in the roof contract can certainly help later if there are any problems. Actually, having a roof contract is the best thing you have when things don’t go as planned. Make sure you also get a copy of the roof contract as well so you will have documentation. 

Key Things a Contract for a New Roof in Downriver Michigan Should Have

Method of Roof Installation

There are two methods that new roofing can be installed. While both methods are considered a roof replacement, the differences in the two are huge. The first method is called roof over and it happens when a new roof is placed on the existing roof. As you can imagine this method is fast and less expensive. However, there are many disadvantages of using this method. The other method, which is also preferred, is called tear off and replacement. During a tear off installation, the old roofing materials are removed from the roof and then a new roof is attached to the home. This method is much better but does require more labor and other expenses. Make sure your roof contract has the method that will be used to install the new roof. 

Time Frame of the Entire Project

A huge problem that many home owners have with contractors is the time frame for a project. Having a contractor start a project only to abandon it mid way can leave you in a bit of a pickle. This allows contractors to draw on each project and start many projects which can lock in home owners. There are things you can do to protect yourself. For roofing, this can be a disaster if the contractor starts then stops the project. The roofing contractor should include the time frame for the project in the roof contract. This should have the start time and completion time. Also if your HOA requires specific times to do construction work, the roof contract should also include that. 

Materials Used and Additional Materials

The difference in roofing materials used today can be vast. Some roofing materials have great warranties and impact protection but are much more expensive. The roof contract for your should have the roofing materials that are used on your roof. It should also contain the warranty information for the shingles that are installed. Also it should include all the materials used. This should include underlayment, flashing, roof boots, and any other materials that will be used on your new roof

Pricing, Financing, and Payment Details

While a roof estimate can provide you with an outline of the pricing of the project and more it’s best to have it also included on the roof contract itself. Having a roof contract that itemizes the pricing is even better. The roof contract may also contain information about the financing of the roof installation and any payment details about the project. Make sure all these things are correct before you sign the roof contract for your home and also be sure to get a copy of the roof contract as well. Having a roof contract can help you tremendously if there is any type of problem on the project. 

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