Roof Maintenance

The Best Time for Maintenance on your Roofing in Downriver Michigan

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Maintaining your roof is probably the most important thing you can do as a homeowner. If your roof is properly maintained, you will prolong the lift and quality of your roof for years. It’s truly in your best interest to properly maintain your roof. Along with maintaining the beauty of your roof and therefore your curb appeal, you can catch small issues quickly that make for affordable repairs rather than larger issues that can become costly when gone unnoticed. Getting the proper maintenance for your roof may need the help of a roofer in Downriver Michigan but can be worth it. In fact, without proper maintenance your roof may fail in just a short time which not only means getting a new roof installed to damages to the inside of the home.

The Best Time for Maintenance on your Roofing in Downriver Michigan

There are certain times of the year when roof maintenance is critical and the best. If you wait too long between maintaining your roof, you risk prolonged exposure of small damages that only get made worse, or you may not know there is a big issue already at hang. Conducting roof maintenance too spaced out can also allow for something to happen between the maintenance that you miss, thinking you’ve already taken care of it.

Here we will talk about the best times of the year to conduct your regular roof maintenance. While you should schedule maintenance twice a year for just general inspection and to check on your roof, there are other times through the year where it is important to give a thorough check to your home’s primary line of defense. These are especially important if you live in climates where the weather can get a little crazy.

The Best Time for Maintenance on your Roofing in Downriver Michigan

Summer Rain Season

You’ll want to schedule maintenance around your rainy season, especially if your rainy season follows the driest season. You’ll want to check on your roof after this rainy season that way if there were any leaks you find them quickly. This also gives you the opportunity to fix any of the damages you may have gotten in the summer before the winter months set in.

If the summer heat and sun wore down on your roof, then the rainy season leaked in, you want this fixed as soon as possible. You want to prevent mold or mildew from setting in and you want to get the repairs made before the cooler air comes in and heat escapes your home. Winter also tends to be a wet season, so getting repairs made prior to this can prevent even worse damages.

After heavy rain storms it’s best to take a look at your roof to see if there is any damages. This can be done from the ground and you may see shingles that are broken or missing from the roof if the winds were high enough during the storm. Even if you don’t have a roof leak after the storm doesn’t mean the roof is not damaged. Taking a proactive step and inspecting the roof can help to prevent loads of damages that may be caused by a roof leak.


Another big event you always want to conduct roof maintenance afterwards is a hailstorm. Hailstorms can be rare, but they can also be quite damaging to roofs. Depending on the size and strength at which hail is falling, quite a bit of damage can be done. You’ll want to have someone come take a look at your roof following a hailstorm to ensure there are no repairs needed or to make any repairs that are needed.

Making repairs soon after hailstorm damage will ensure there is no further damage made when rains or other weather events come. If left unresolved, any issues with your roof from a hailstorm can lead to bigger and more costly issues later on. Whether a minor issue or a big issue, it’s important to find roof damage as soon as possible so that you aren’t in worse shape later on.

Call a Licensed Roofer

It’s always best to have a licensed roofer inspect the roof on your home at least annually. An annual roof inspection can help to eliminate many of the problems that may show up during these storms. One of the best roofers to call for an inspection is Downriver Roofers. Call them today at 734-548-9919 to schedule an appointment.