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Why You Should Never Hire A “Risky” Roofer in Lincoln Park Michigan

Why You Should Never Hire A “Risky” Roofer in Lincoln Park Michigan

If you are a homeowner, you will at some point in your life need to hire a roofer. Whether it is for maintenance, inspections, repairs, or replacements, roofers will need to be hired eventually. But however small the job is, you must make sure to hire a qualified roofer in Lincoln Park Michigan for the job. There are plenty of articles explaining how to hire the right roofer, but it is also important to make yourself away of just what can happen when you hire someone who doesn’t meet the criteria.

Why You Should Never Hire A “Risky” Roofer in Lincoln Park Michigan

Let’s face it, everyone likes a bargain. Feeling like we got a little more than we paid for. When it comes to home improvement projects, it’s no different. Saving money on home improvement projects such as a new roof installation or even a simple roof repair is great but it should not be the only thing you consider when looking for a roof for your home. Although the low prices and fast talking may have you signing up for a project, it’s doesn’t mean you will save money. In fact, it may even cost you more in the long run.

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Before you hire a roofer for your home be sure to consider these problems you may encounter with a low-budget roofer.

Unexpected Costs

When is comes to hiring a bad roofer, unexpected costs is a given. Whether it is from the roofer themself, or the consequences of their poor job, you will almost always be paying more than you planned to. This includes the roofer adding on to their initial quote unexpectedly, or having to pay fines when the job wasn’t done with permits or to code.


Liability is another issue you can face. This is because without a licensed and insured contractor, you are responsible for any of the issues that happen on your property. While insurance would cover any accidents or injuries on your property while they work, if the roofer has no insurance there is no protection for you. That means you pay for anything they break when working on your home, and they can even sue you for their medical bills if they get hurt. With roofing especially, the chance for injury is high and even a qualified person can end up falling.

Unfinished Jobs

Whether it is your decision to terminate the contract, or the roofer simply left, bad roofers means unfinished work. This can be substantial, where the job wasn’t even started before the roofer took off with your money. It can also be partly done, allowing for someone else to come in to do the work. With this you can end up having to pay for someone else to finish the job, or completely remove and restart the job, depending on how will the first roofer did.

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Further Issues

From improper installation to overlooked damage, you can end up with more problems with your roof than when you first started. The repairs to fully fix the issues can be very costly and may even spread to other parts of your home. This is especially true with leaks that lead to mold growth.

Legal Battles

Just because you have a contract doesn’t mean they are going to want to hold their end. Bad contractors will know just how to write a contract to keep themselves protected and avoid you getting what you want. This can mean weeks, months, and even years in court trying to get your money back.

Having to Do It All Over Again

An incredibly common part of hiring the wrong roofer is getting the work done all over again. This includes restarting the job, finishing the job, or having to do the job again a few years later when the poor- quality work needs to be replaced. This means paying for it twice, dealing with twice the time to do the job, and much more frustration than if you had hired the right person the first time.

Hire a Professional Roofing Company for your Project

It’s always best to hire a professional roofing company for your project. One that is fully licensed and insured is a must to ensure your home is protected later. Call the experts at Downriver Roofers today to roofing services on your Lincoln Park Michigan home at 734-548-9919. They are fully qualified and offer free estimates!